• Angelfish

    Needing Angelfish?

    Check out our wide variety of angelfish.

  • Cichlid

    Quality you can trust

    With over 30 years in the aquarium fish business, we only sell U.S. raised fish.

  • Catfish


    We have one of the largest variety of locally grown aquarium fish.

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  • Cheap and Efficient Shipping

    Packing fish is our specialty. Let us show you how we arte able to maintain 95% Live Arrival.

  • Customer Service

    We are always here when you need us either by phone, e-mail, or live chat.

  • Affordable

    Our price is based on the quality of our fish. You won't find better fish for a cheaper price anywhere on the net.

Our promise

Impeccable Quality.Great Prices.Locally grown.

Our promise to you is to deliver the best possible fish at the most affordable price. we stand by our product as being the industry standard for quality.